How to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger – Try These 15 Easy Tips

Wondering how to make your living room look bigger and brighter then follow these 15 easy way tips, which will surely change the look of any room.

Create a focal point

To draw attention you must learn how to create a focal point and present your living room in a whole different way. A focal point means creating something unique that will draw someone’s attention. For example: in a bedroom, it is the bed, in the hall, it is the sofa which you can present more differently. Similarly, in a living room, you can décor a section with broad visibility with ample space around and that will create a focal point, also you will give a spacious as well as bigger look.

Mirror to make room look bigger

There are various ways to implement mirrors and use can use this strategy in your living room to create the space bigger and enhanced. If you want to create something uniformity then you can try on with different sizes of mirrors available in the market that will add an extra look to your living room.

Long curtains, higher ceilings

This is the most important tip to make any room look larger and it’s a proven idea that is followed by almost everyone. The hanging curtain in windows will not give that broad look to your living wall and the best way to hand the curtains all the way up to the ceiling.
So if you ever wonder how to make a living room look bigger then you can go with this idea and this trick will help you so much! Hanging the light-colored curtains all the way to the ceilings goes a long way making it feel larger.

Remove the door

Removing the door gives the living room more spacious, it gives wall space where you can hang photos. This drastic change will bring a completely new look to the living room. You can easily do some DIY with the wall by hanging storage bags and by that you can create a retro view of your living room.

Multi-purpose furniture

The living room is the right place where you can show some decoration and you can show this creativity by choosing multi-purpose furniture. The smartest way to choose dual-use furniture for instance ottoman which you can use as for sitting and storage purpose. To give your living room look bigger you can furnish your room with such type of furniture.

Wall lamps & bookshelves

Wall lamps & bookshelves are two important things which you can place beautifully and give an appealing look to your living room. You can also try to implement a bookcase to give the living room look more standard as well as create uniformity


Mounting a TV in a living room will free up some extra space and that will give the best look also will free some space. So whenever you place a TV with a unit then you can set up a DVD player underneath it.

Enhance the space with the right rug

By placing the right color and size of rug you can enhance the living room space, so always choose wisely while placing otherwise it will go wrong and eventually look smaller. So whenever you go shopping chooses the right patterns under different price range. Choosing the right pattern rugs not only enhances the look of the living room but also creates a bigger look to the room. You can use different rugs underneath different furniture.

Draw attention to the corner of the living room

By placing vertical bookshelves you can use the corner of the living room and can easily draw attention. Likewise, you can place a tall corner table and decorate it with lights and decorating stuff. Further, this kind of decoration gives a living room a whole bigger look.

Furniture with visible legs

By picking the right furniture for your living room you can give it a bigger view. Furniture with visible legs is the best option for decorating in living room. It gives quite spacious look along with you can feel open and airy premises.
When you place such kind of furniture then you can go for one piece with heights, do not feel the room with plenty of it.

Emphasize and increase natural light

Natural lights open up any interior look of a room, it can define the spaciousness. It is great if your living room access natural daylight through the window. It can increase the view of the outdoor and gives you no longer limited space.

How can I make my living room look bigger?

Certain ways to make a living room bigger such as when you paint, choose the colour combination smartly, choose furniture, and by creating a focal point also you can make your living room look bigger.

What Colours make a living room look bigger?

Giving a bigger look by paint alone is just skill and the wisest thing is to choose the right combination of colour. You can try any colour of your choice with the white combination because white is the only colour that enhances the other colour as well as gives a room bigger look.

How do you make a small room look bigger?

By adding the right rug, wisely choosing the decoration point such as the corner wall can draw more attention, and the right selection with furniture will turn a small room view into bigger.

What furniture style can make a room look bigger?

Choose the right furniture and that will add a bigger look to your home. You can choose different-colored furniture with visible legs.